“We are proud to announce our first of many sponsors for our 2016 SANDLOTT Baseball World Championship tournaments in Arm Care 2 Go! Arm Care 2 Go is a company created and founded by two former professional athletes, with the concept of providing baseball, softball, and patients with arm troubles of all ages, shapes, and sizes the essential tools to strengthen your arm at a more than reasonable cost using our high quality Arm Care 2 Go kit.

“We are proud have such a quality company supporting SANDLOTT. Their mission and products alike line up directly with what SANDLOTT stands for, and we are proud to be able to put a great training tool in front of our athletes and teams.”

-Mickey Hiter, SANDLOTT Founder.

The coupon code will grant any user FREE shipping along with a $4.95 discount to make the total kit cost only $30.”

Simply click the link to the store on the website