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Mickey Hiter is the founder and operator of SANDLOTT Sports and was a college teammate of Farrell’s. Mickey is the Commissioner for the 13-18 Age Groups.

Nick Hiter is the Vice President of SANDLOTT Sports and is the son of SANDLOTT founder, Mickey.  Nick joined the SANDLOTT staff in 2012 to spearhead its transition into 501(c)(3) status, corporate sales, fundraising, marketing & social media, and the Shelby Park Picture Show.

In Memoriam: In 1989 Farrell Owens started an amateur baseball newspaper called, The Sandlotter, that covered the Greater Nashville Amateur Baseball Association. As technology improved Farrell went online in 1997. In 2000 Farrell ceased the newspaper and went exclusively to the Internet. Today it is known as the SANDLOTT Mid-State League. Farrell also added SANDLOTT Baseball’s Super Leagues and World Championships.

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