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SANDLOTT World Chamiponships

SANDLOTT BASEBALL World Chamiponships Celebrate their 16th Year!
For information on participating in one of these nationally recognized events contact Mickey Hiter 615-974-4537.

SANDLOTT World Chamiponships are some of the most highly scouted and highly competitive events in amateur baseball. Each year SANDLOTT BASEBALL Teams and select Elite teams are invited to the Nashville area to compete for the coveted title of SANDLOTT World Series Champion. These WOOD BAT events offer top facilities and the best in professional management.

SANDLOTT 18u Championship bracket 2017
SANDLOTT 13u Championship Round 13 Nashville TN
SANDLOTT 13u Wood World Championship 2017 13u Nashville TN
SANDLOTT 14u Wood World Championship 2017 14u Nashville TN
SANDLOTT 14u Championship bracket 2017 14u
SANDLOTT 15u Championship bracket 2017 15u
SANDLOTT 15u Wood World Championship 2017 15u Nashville TN
SANDLOTT 16u Championship Bracket 16 Nashville TN
SANDLOTT 16U Wood World Championship 2017 16u Nashville TN
PG Super25 Deep South 17u Bracket 17
Perfect Game Super25 17u Regional 2017 17u Nashville TN
SANDLOTT 18u Wood World Championship 2017 18u Nashville TN
SANDLOTT Senior Wood World Championship 35+ and 45+ Nashville TN
SANDLOTT HS Wood World Championship 2017 High school eligible Nashville TN
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